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Get Employment Ready with our partner courses!

Our Partner's approach is different. They help first-time job hunters make the transition from education to employment, and they do it by furnishing them with the necessary skills to move forward onto the first stage of a productive and fulfilling career in business.

They foster an environment that is welcoming to young people, whether they are school leavers, university graduates, college leavers, mature or overseas students. The vision is to offer one-to-one mentoring, coaching and guidance, to fill the gap between educational establishments and the world of work. They also offer three-day courses in collaboration with these establishments, for those approaching the end of their studies.

We believe the stepping stone from studies to full-time work should be an enjoyable rather than a daunting experience, and the coaching extends far beyond interview techniques and CV drafting. They help students:

• Set the tone for their future career direction, by exploring their strengths and weaknesses

• Secure their all-important first reference

• Gain insights from highly successful businessmen and women across a wide range of industries and professions

Stand out from the crowd – contact us to discuss the education-to-employment programme today.