Investment Opportunities

Why do I need Equity Investment?

Every business reaches a point in their life cycle where an injection of funds can really accelerate their growth. Whether this is an early investment (seed) to get your idea off the ground or a growth investment to help you expand into new areas, we can introduce you to the right investors that suit your business needs.

What are Equity Investments?

Equity investments are where a company or individual invests money in exchange for shares in your business. They often will also add value with their years of experience and extensive network of contacts. Investors recover it only when they sell their shareholdings to other investors or the company floats on the public stock market (IPO), although you can pay them back when you are profitable through dividends.

Why use Tier 1 Global?

We have a close network of angel investors, venture capital firms and corporate venture teams that we can introduce you to, once we feel you are investor ready. We do offer investor ready services if you need support here. Click HERE for more information.

We also have a investment portal linking some of the UK’s most exciting businesses with our network of experienced investors.

Our portal is coming soon and will be available here. In the meantime please CONTACT US to discuss your funding requirements.