Investment Opportunities

Finding an investor is always a big challenge for companies, but knowing what documents to approach them with, can be even more challenging. You can have the best business idea in the world, but if your financials don’t stack up or your pitch isn’t to the point, then this can impact your overall ability to secure any funding.

Our years of experience in working with angel investors and VCs has allowed us to put together the perfect pitch deck that ticks all the boxes from an investor perspective.

Once the financials and pitch deck are complete, we can then take you through a practice pitch, preparing you for the types of questions a potential investor might ask. This will allow you to iron out any problems and get the nerves out of the way before facing the real investors.

• Business Plan Review and Advice
• Financial Projection Template and Advice
• Investment Requirement Advice
• Investor Deck Design and Writing
• Pitch Preparation
• Strategic Investor Identification
• Presentation Support / Attendance

Contact us to discuss your individual funding requirements and find out how our Investor Ready service can help you.