Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa - Starting a New Business or Investing in an Existing Business

Tier 1 entrepreneur Visa Business Planning

Tier 1 Global's business plans have a 100% success rate for client applications


The UK has helpful immigration measures to encourage highly-skilled entrepreneurs using the Entrepreneur and Graduate Entrepreneur routes. However in 2014 the Entrepreneur visa scheme was tightened, as applications rocketed from 118 in 2009 to just under 10,000 in 2013, the Home Office are now treating new applications as potentially Illegitimate. It is therefore important to get the application right, with help from trusted expert advisers.

Starting a New Business

We complete substantial due diligence into the business idea, research the market place and collate this information into a complete business plan and researched blueprint for a successful UK business venture.

Investing in an Existing Business

Using our Tier 1 knowledge and financial expertise we help clients work with our extensive network of business investment fundraising partners to find the ideal business for you to invest in. We then produce a complete business plan and researched blueprint for a successful UK business venture.

Our Service

With the Home Office scrutinising Entrepreneur applications, our Entrepreneur Visa business plan process has proved 100% successful. We will work closely with you and your legal teams to ensure you have a robust business plan that will not only please the home office but will let you successfully start your new business in the UK. Then if needed we can provide ongoing business support to help you continue to grow.

The business plan Process:

Tier 1 Investor Visa

Why clients need us?

In 2012 the Home Office closed the post work Visa route resulting in a 1,550% spike in Entrepreneur Visa applications. The Home Office are now treating all applications as Illegitimate, which is clearly reflected in application rejections. We are the only company to maintian a 100% sucess rate in this pressured market.


Case Studies

We work very closely with our clients through every step of the process. With detailed research we were able to produce a genuine blueprint for a successful business. This not only aids the client in securing their visa but gives them the knowledge and confidence to start their business when they arrive in the UK.

 Our service doesn't have to stop after your business plan is complete and your visa has been accepted. To ensure our clients business success we support them with business mentoring, we enjoy seeing our clients succeed and are passionate about making this a reality. 

Business 1 - Oral Cosmetic & Dental Hygienist services

Our client wanted to revolutionise the way we look at dental health care in the United Kingdom, and we made their dreams a reality.

Initially targeting higher education students our client will open a practice in London. Within 3 years our client wanted to expand the business and open additional dental practices throughout the UK. With careful business planning and financial modelling this goal will be obtained with an initial investment of £200,000, then by reinvesting company profits it will enable them to open more practices in a short period of time. With a rapid and safely planned expansion the company will have grown and be ready to deliver strong profits moving forward.

The company offers a very strong financial forecast taking into account heavy reinvestment in the early stages of trading:


Employees – 16 employees in year 1 increasing to 22 employees by the end of year 3

Initial Client Investment – £200,000

Turnover - Approx. £3,000,000 in the first 3 years

15% Gross return on investment


Business 2 - 5 Star London Restaurant

Our client wanted to bring his passion and experience in fine dining from the middle east to open an exceptional restaurant in London. Working side by side we made this possible. 

With a wealth of knowledge gained by owning a boutique hotel, restaurants, bars and night clubs abroad our client had a strong vison of what they wanted to achieve. With our, understanding of the UK markets, in depth research and guidance from us they can open their business with confidence.

The business plan sets out a blueprint for a successful business in the UK bringing the clients expertise to life with fantastic financial returns.


Employees – 16 employees in year 1

Client Investment – £600,000 (including £350,000 property lease deposit)

Turnover - Approx. £6,250,000 in the first 3 years

9.6% Gross return on investment